Msuu-Shater (I trust in God)’s song ‘I am a winner in Christ’ is on air !
It was played on Armed Forces Radio(Nigeria)107.7 and you can get it online on

Story: In 2018 Victoria, Timothy Jobs wife drew the attention of her husband to the sound of a Rapsong she was hearing from outside.Suushater and Msughter were singing: I am a winner in Christ. It was created by them and now accomplished. On soundcloud you can hear it anywhere in the world :)! Timothy(Headteacher of Hope Eden Community School) is the one who encouraged them to pursue the production and is part of Msuu-Shater. We Hope Eden people pray that their song will be true always in their lives and will get many followers! Suu is a real Hope Eden Kid who joined the family when he was 1year old and is now a student of mechanical engineering. Msughter is ‘Carpenters son’ (see PROJECTS > Family Sunday Job Tabulo) who was serving as a volunteer in H.E.C.S. from 2018-19 and is supported in his studies of psychology through H.E.e.V.

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