„I am living in panic that there is a virus is the bad part of the holiday. The good part is that there are many hands on the farm to help therefore work is easier on the farm.“ – Doowuese

„I am happy to have time to work on the farm, but I hope the break does not get too long.“ – Oteri

„The third week into the Covid-19 break makes me tired of staying at home already.“ –Shiekuma

„The break has not been bad since there are many hands to help hence more time to rest and sleep. Other holidays are usually more hectic. More hands are also available to help in the cooking thereby less stressful cooking on one person. On a more sad note there was an ongoing exam in school (university) which was halted because of the Corona virus break.“ – Member

„ I am tired of the break already, I wish I could go to school without delay and finish soon.“ – Ngukuran

„A hygiene conscious brake, don’t want a break, wish I could be done with school already. I am not scared of the pandemic, I drink lots of mint tea, lemongrass, moringa, etc. and I am praying earnestly.“-Mfe

„I feel like being in school, I do not want to stay at home.“ –Suu

„It it quite unfortunate that I could not complete my exams before the Corona virus break. Nevertheless, I am happy to be home and eat plenty food.“ – Doobee