The Hope Eden Farm produces good and many organic eggs which we market in the school and in Abuja to company camps and embassies.

Especially during the holidays Hope Eden Farm does not find enough customers who pay a fair price for our good eggs. We can’t afford to give away all our spare eggs, so we came up with the idea to find egg sponsors.

In the refugee camps (Boko Haram/ Fulani conflict) and in our neighbouring villages there are hundreds of families who cannot afford eggs. Many children are malnourished.

2 refugee camps in Gurku (about 40 widows and 200 children) and Pegi (about 60 families) near Abuja benefited from our sponsored eggs already in 2018.

For 100€ we can deliver about 20 layers of 30 eggs each. With your donation we can continue the project! (Intended use: egg project)