The bricks found their way to the building site. After the frames of the Arches where completed, construction could continue. 18 Arches with pilings were erected and all windows and doorframes of the first construction phase are completed. Now the roof construction has started. Seven big trees on the farmland were cut down and used as timber for the building. This wood is not only a higher quality, but significantly cheaper than on the market. Most of the labourers are family man and highly motivated. This income helps them to pay school fees for their children. Some of them have lost their job due to corona measures and are glad to have a new income. Others depend on their small crop harvesting and are happy to have some monetary income, to save some money for the coming farming season. Prices for building materials, and other products have risen significantly in the last weeks. The price of a bag of cement rose from 2700N(=5,94€) auf 3300N (=7,26€). We expect similar rises for windows, doors and roofing materials.


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