On the basis of a long-standing friendship and personal relationship with Annegret and Shiekar Kumbur, we, together with some friends, founded the charitable organisation “Hope Eden e.V.” in 2006. The organisation is based in Weinsberg.

As Christians we want to take an active part in on-site development assistance. We support the work of the Hope Eden community financially as well as spiritually.

Our main focus is the primary school of Hope Eden. Currently, it allows 130 children from the generally underprivileged rural population of the surrounding region to receive a basic school education.

The association’s financial support of 3.800€/month helps to pay for the running of the school, including the salary of the local teachers and employees. Project-related costs, e.g. the renewal of the solar energy system.

Presently we are planing an extension of the school for three more classes to Junior Secondary Level.

By means of sponsorship programmes we enable young people to receive better education and support them financially even after primary school. This includes costs for secondary education and tuition fees for college.

Furthermore, we are involved in supporting single projects and people in the surrounding areas of Hope Eden. One example is the house we helped to build for a widow in Kuje. In addition to her own children, she takes care of orphans and is committed to make them really feel at home.

We believe that this kind of support is a preventive measure, especially where the younger generation of Nigeria is concerned. With a good education they have a perspective for acting independently in their own country. We are grateful that so many helpful sponsors are standing alongside us in these efforts.


Thomas Moll

Chairman Hope Eden e.V.

Uwe_HEWeb a-2

Uwe Buchwitz

Board Member Hope Eden e.V.

Elmar 1_HEWeb a-1

Elmar Kammerer

Treasurer Hope Eden e.V.