Sunday Tabulo (*10.01.1970; ✝︎16.12.2018) was a carpenter by profession.

For more than 15 years he has been significantly involved in the construction of the Hope Eden Farm buildings and the Hope Eden Community School. I got to know him when he was still living in a tiny room in Kuje with his wife Mnena and their first-born daughter. His family grew (2 daughters and 3 sons) and was his great happiness. Sunday was able to earn enough money to build his own house, thanks to his hard work.

As he had been suffering from diabetes for a long time and was worried about how long he would be able to work, it was very important to him to ensure the future and education of his children. He started to build a second house, which he wanted to rent in order to have an income independent from his job.

Unfortunately, after a first stroke last year, he had another very serious stroke in December, which led to his death.

The eldest daughter is at the beginning of her studies, the 17-year-old son has provided for the family income for one year by working in the HE school. Due to his excellent school-leaving certificate he has now succeeded in obtaining a scholarship to a state university. The youngest son has just started school.

Mnena Tabulo tries to earn money with sewing, but this is not enough to feed all five children or to finance the school/education fees.

It is a good and necessary step “help for self-help” if we make it possible for her to finish the house with our donations and then she has the rental income to support herself.

Therefore we ask you for your support. Thank you very much!
Intended purpose: Support of Carpenters

(Report by Elisabeth Mönch)

Msuter, the oldest son, as a volunteer in the playclass.


Msuter begins his studies.