Verabschiedung von Judith Ochoje

Verabschiedung von Judith Ochoje als Pionier Schulleitung von HECS. Nach 10 aufopfernden Jahren Dienst an unsern bedürftigen Nachbarkindern kann sie ihre Aufgabe in nigerianische Hände übergeben.

Projekt 2018

Dringend benötigtes Lehrerhaus soll bis Weihnachten fertig werden.
Um gute Lehrer im Busch zu halten tun wir unser Möglichstes um komfortable Wohnbedingungen zu haben. Nach dem Dachbau fehlen noch ca. 7500€ für den Innenausbau. (Verwendungszweck "Lehrerhaus")

20 Jahre Hope Eden

Freundestag zum Jubiläum in Dietersweiler
Annegret und Shiekar Kumbur feierten mit Freunden, Spendern und Vereinsmitgliedern was seit 1998 im nigerianischen Busch entstanden ist. Ca. 25 Kinder und Jugendliche haben eine Heimat und Ausbildung und 140 Schulkinder eine Chance für eine bessere Zukunft bekommen. Wie bisher können auch weiterhin Menschen mitarbeiten um ihren Lebensunterhalt zu verdienen. Wir hoffen, dass in den nächsten 10 Jahren die jüngere Generation die Verantwortung für Farm und Schule übernehmen wird. Wir danken Gott und allen Mitsorgenden! 

Bio-Eier zum Wegschmeißen

Vor allem in den Ferien findet Hope Eden Farm nicht genügend Kunden die einen fairen Preis für unsere guten Eier bezahlen. Unsre Idee ist Eiersponsoren zu finden. Für 100€ können wir ca. 40 Lagen á 30 Eier an Flüchtlingscamps liefern.

Wer macht mit? (Verwendungszweck: "Eierprojekt")

Studiengebühren vervierfacht

Shiekuma hat einen Studienplatz!
Einer unsrer Mama Enoch Waisen arbeitete 7 Jahre in der Farm mit und hat nun einen Studienplatz (Geographie/ Vermesser) bekommen. Der große Schock ist, dass die Regierung dieses Jahr die Grundgebühren für Studienanfänger vervierfacht hat (für den Einstieg mindestens 300€)! Das bedeutet das "AUS" für viele Jugendliche aus dem Mittelstand. 4 weitere Hope Eden Jugendliche warten auf einen Studienplatz. Wir brauchen eure Hilfe! (Verwendungszweck: HE Studenten)

Anti-Litter Campaign

School starts clean up operation

On June 1, the entire primary school moved out to clean up the neighboring village of Pasali. The mountais of rubbish pilled up not only along the road, but also between the houses. Apart from the visual impairments of the landscape, the mountains of waste cause several other problems (breeding ground for germs and diseases, danger of suffocation of small children and animals). With gloves, avenges and brooms, the children and teachers collected everything that was possible and then burned the garbage. With combined forces they showed how beautiful it can be when everything is clean. The chief of the village was impressed and we hope that he and others in the village will be inspired to clean up regularly. 

Plant For The Planet

Planting Vs. Grubbing

On May 24 a tree planting campaign took place. „For every tree felled, a new one should be planted“. Hope Eden Community School students carry this message to their villages and plant a tree near their homes. They are now required to ensure that these trees grow very well. HECS is working against the massive deforestation in the area. Firewood is still the energy source no. 1 in the kitchen oft he rural regions.

Jump and Run

Running, bouncing, jumping

The sports field has grown. We are pleased about the inauguration of our new long jump and high jump facility, which has been in operation for a short time. With the help of a special donation we could finish the construction oft the new sports facility. Now you can hop as far as you can. 

Nigeria's Got Talent

Christmas musical in Hope Eden

Once again this year the teachers managed to get the best out of the kids. During the last week of the year, the students of the Hope Eden Community School showed what they are made of. Together they staged a Christmas musical. This spectacle attracted not only the parents but also numerous other visitors from the neighbouring villages. It's amazing what talents are hidden in these kids!

Staff motivation

Day nursery opened

Many staff members of the school are young and newly married. It's only a matter of time before the young will arrive. As motivation and service for the mothers we have decided to open a childcare center. A particular advantage of the "in-house nursery" is that mothers can get breast-feeding in between.

Eggs for christmas?

Easter bunny comes for Christmas

Many customers of the Hope Eden Farm are on holiday. The chickens don't mind, they keep laying their eggs. In the surrounding villages many children are affected by malnutrition. With the support of some sponsors the boiled eggs could be distributed to many children in the neighbouring village, true to the motto: "An egg a day keeps malnutrition at bay".

Playground opened

Reopening after new construction   

Finally it's time! Finally you can swing, climb and slide again. In cooperation with employees and parents of the school children, the playground could be put back into operation. Site manager Johannes Becker had already built the playground in 2012, at that time still made of wood. Due to the weather and the high termite infestation, however, the substance of the old playground was no longer strong enough and had to be renewed. Instead of wood, a steel frame construction was used. Visually, this may not be able to keep up with the wood version, but it will last for years, if not decades. The children are very happy. Thanks to all the helpers and donors who made this possible.

School buses ready to run

It is running smoothly again

Nigeria has infrastructure problems. This becomes particularly clear in the condition of the roads, among other things. The bushroad to Hope Eden could probably serve as a test track for off-road vehicles. Even our all-terrain school buses are affected. Major repair and maintenance work was necessary, which is why two German engineers set off for Nigeria in their spare time. Johannes Becker and Christoph Klüh arrived in Hope Eden at just the right time. Both school buses were out of service and no longer ready to drive. After days of screwing at 40C° both workedwell again at the end, applause fort he engineers ;-)

New School bags

Do it yourself!

The students of the third grade proudly present their new school bags. These are not only particularly chic, but also self-made. Mothers, teachers and young people have made them especially for the children and also learned a lot of handicraft skills through that project. If this isn't a win-win situation. 

High inflation rate

January 2017

The monetary value of the Nigerian currency dropped by more than 20% during the last year. The cost of basic foods, clothes, services etc. is rising from day to day.

School anniversary

People like time flies...

10 years Hope Eden Community School! All classrooms and administration rooms are now ready. We look back on a turbulent time with many challenges, but also with great highlights. Thank God! 


These five kids were right at the beginning. We are happy that we could teach you good basics and it is nice to see what the kids make of it. The picture shows: Murna, Happy, Ladi, Janet and Abdul.