Hope for a better future

Nigeria, the most populous African country, faces many problems. The income from the rich oil reserves only benefits the minority of Nigerians. In theory, Nigeria could be a wealthy country. The fertile soil and revenues from oil deposits would be enough to allow the inhabitants to lead comfortable lives. However, corruption, violence and ethnic conflicts stand in the way of improving the living conditions of the general population. As a result of the hostile attacks of the terrorist group “Boko Haram”, two million Nigerians fled, either to safer areas of this expansive country, or to Europe. Thousands of families were torn apart and countless villages destroyed.


Unfortunately, education is still a privilege, which many families cannot afford. Despite the fact that education is compulsory, only about the half of all children attend school.


The Farm “Hope Eden” is an initiative that shows how things can be done differently. Two German-Nigerian couples and a team of assistants are committed to making sure that children and adolescents have a chance of a better and brighter future.